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Beijing makes International Exchange Center top 10 city list
Updated: Feb 10, 2023 By DU JUAN and WANG SONGSONG Source:
Parts of the index.

Beijing has been ranked in the top 10 list of the International Exchange Center Index released by the China Institute for Development Planning of Tsinghua University and Deloitte on Wednesday, in seventh place.

According to the report, Beijing is the only mainland city that made into the top 10.

Based on three major dimensions - attractiveness, influence and connectivity - the report builds an assessment framework including dozens of other standards by which to make evaluations of 37 cities worldwide.

According to the index, London came top, followed by New York and Paris.

Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, San Francisco and Copenhagen are listed from fourth to 10th.

In particular, Beijing ranks second in the category of sci-tech innovation, because of its high-quality resources in the sector. In the past five years, the report said, Beijing ranked second only to Boston in the number of scientific papers cited.

Xiong Jiuling, director of Beijing's Foreign Affairs Office, said the capital has taken a comprehensive approach in terms of mechanisms, planning, platforms and environment to promote the building of an international exchange center in a complete way.

"Next, Beijing will continue to firmly improve its function of international communication and contribute to its modernization," she said.

Parts of the index.
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