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Employment recruitment events held to help students from ethnic groups
Updated: Mar 20, 2023 By Zou Shuo Source: chinadaily.com.cn
Job seekers talk with employers at a career fair in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, on Sunday. More than 30 State-owned enterprises and institutes offered jobs to more than 2,000 people, many of whom are graduating soon. [Photo by Su Qiang/For China Daily]

A special recruitment event has been held by the National College Students Employment Service Platform for students from different ethnic groups to boost their employment.

A total of 636 companies have participated in the event as of Monday, offering more than 43,000 posts in industries including manufacturing, construction and logistics.

The event is expected to last till the end of this month, according to a release from the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

The special employment event has been held for four consecutive years. Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in 2020, universities have made increased efforts to ensure students from ethnic groups can graduate in time and find jobs as early as possible, the release said.

Meanwhile, efforts have been made to assist with the employment of students from once-impoverished families, with financial difficulties, disabled students, students from zero-employment families and those who have not found jobs for a substantial time.

University administrators, head teachers, employment counselors and student counselors have all taken part in the effort and offered one-on-one guidance to the students, the ministry said.

University of Science and Technology Beijing has given subsidies to students with difficulties finding jobs and the students are offered with three job posts, guidance to revise their resume and talks with teachers.

An employment event hosted by Wuhan University of Technology for students from low-income families has offered more than 22,000 job posts and was attended by more than 4,000 students.

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